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Elios Sub Freediving Wetsuit

Ordering an Elios Sub High Performance Smoothskin freediving wetsuit was never this easy. Adventure Freediving is proud to announce that we’re now official dealer/distributor of the best freediving suits on the market. And to make it easy for our customers we’ve selected the best available wetsuit. The Elios Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano Smoothskin/Superskin is the go-to choice for every freediving enthusiast, athlete and instructor.

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Elios Smoothskin Freediving Wetsuit

Elios Sub is without a doubt the #1 producer and most well know brand when it comes to custom/tailor made and of the shelves freediving wetsuits – they also have a very strong presence in the spearfishing and scuba wetsuit market. This Italian-based company has been producing custom-made wetsuits since 1977 and is internationally acknowledged for its high quality products at very competitive and interesting prices, and Elios is even considered the #1 reference point by many of the rival manufacturers.

All Elios Sub wetsuits have one thing in common: the basic material, named Expanded Celllular Neoprene. This Neoprene is a synthetic rubber with exceptional chemical-physical characteristics of being soft, elastic and resistant to salt, ozone and ultraviolet rays.

But because all divers have different needs, Elios Sub developed different kinds of wetsuits by selecting different types of specifications depending on your needs, all based on giving full satisfaction from beginner to professional free divers.


Which Elios Sub Freediving Wetsuit to Select?!

Whether you are buying your first, second or tenth Elios wetsuit, selecting and ordering can be quite a frustrating. When you ask for a list of the available options you will get a list back with about 25 different options, and this of course will be overwhelming to all first buyers. Additionally, more experienced buyers know that the email communication can be somewhat hard, you have to await the payment confirmations and it can be a tedious process. Because we love the Elios suits ourselves – check our Facebook and or Instagram page and you’ll see we are all wearing custom Elios Freediving wetsuits ourselves. We’ve contacted Ellios Sub and asked them if we could sell the freediving wetsuits ourselves for the same pricelevel as they do, but only now with an easier 1-step order process, and an automated payment process.

And to cut through the clutter, to make it easier for the first time buyers Adventure Freediving selected the #1 freediving suit that every instructor, semi-professional, and athletic freediver wears – or ends up wearing, which is the Elios Smoothskin or Superskin Wetsuit. The Elios Smoothskin or Superskin wetsuit is the single most recommended wetsuit, has been proven for high performance and is tested by many freediving professionals. But even though we selected their best wetsuit for you, there are still a few things you need to think of.


What exactly is a Smoothskin or Superskin Freediving Wetsuit.

First some definitions of the terms to help us understand how to choose the right Elios wetsuit. We’ll start on the outside of the wetsuit with the coating, followed by the materials and the inside of the suit.

Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano
This SCS Nano is the most hydrodynamic and durable wetsuit coating available. For comparison; regular neoprene has an underwater coefficient of dynamic friction of 4 where SCS Nano has 0.026.

Nano Superskin Outside
After years of developing freediving wetsuits Elios sub created this new and heavily improved pure freediving wetsuit, and all its features and properties are enhanced to improve your performance by using the high quality neoprene by Yamamoto 45.

Why use Yamamoto 45?
Yamamoto 45 is a top of the range neoprene product with great elasticity to reduce resistance to tears, easier to wear and comfortable either when worn dry or wet.

The new Yamamoto 45 Nano generation with their new chemical formula has a much higher resistance to compression (pressure at depth diving). It maintains its special features: extra-stretchy, extra-comfortable and extra-warm.


What is hydrodynamics?

Simply said; hydrodynamics are the forces or motions of water against your body. There are two things to consider when choosing your wetsuit with the most hydrodynamics properties for freediving.

1. Less underwater friction.
The Elios Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano wetsuits are specifically designed to improve the outside ultra Smoothskin special hydrodynamic features, which has exceptional rubberized surface slipperiness that ensures a ‘smoother’ descent and ascend speed. Less friction, and less drag in the water will mean higher speeds with less energy consumption.

2. Reducing contact area for high performance.
The most prominent feature of SCS is that it can remarkably reduce contact area to skin. Thus, the resistance of surface friction can be reduced when it is dry and when wet. This improvement is remarkable especially during the actual diving time and gives you maximum security. As a result of the reduced contact area with the new Elios wetsuits the surface friction resistance can be reduced to 0.28 when dry and 0.025 when the suit is submerged. This is an immediate reduction of seconds on your dive time.

These are the different wetsuits insides we can offer you.


Selecting from the different wetsuits insides.


Superelastic nylon lining inside

It is a type of wetsuit preferable by freediving professionals and instructors. The Superelastic lining is a 500% stretch nylon to use only on the inside. With the additional feature of Superelastic lining on the inside, it can be used by freedivers of all levels. It is easier to wear, stronger and more resistant to tears than the open cell inside.

The new improved materials of the silicon edge which exclusively seal at the bottom of the jacket for better elasticity. It is also close fit to the trousers to reduce water penetrations.


Open cell inside

Open cell wetsuits are highly recommended for freediving professionals and athletes since they are elastic, warm and fit like a second skin. Because the suit fits as a second skin you will need water and soap to put it on where with the nylon inside wetsuits it’s much easier to get in.

All suits are equipped with special rubber reinforcements on the inner side to strengthen the wetsuit (open cell) against rips. Also, it is to improve the tightness of seams and the sealing in face, wrists and ankles.


Choosing the right freediving wetsuit.

You now know that the Elios Smoothskin wetsuits are the perfect companion for your diving needs. Elios is by far the most popular brand in freediving wetsuits, and whether you are a beginner, athlete or an instructor – at one-time we all end up in a Elios High Performance wetsuit. The combination of Yamamoto 45 neoprene and they’re Nano Superskin outside makes the Elios Wetsuits unmatched by any competitor.

The cut of the wetsuits
All our freediving wetsuits are custom/tailor made – all bodies are slightly different, and in a sport as freediving you need the gear to support you properly. We do have some wetsuits in stock and we always compare sizes, and if the sizes are close we will contact you, and make a proposal for a discounted suit – usually the refund will be something like 25Euro – in our opinion not enough to not choose for a tailor made wetsuit.

We need 17 different measurements to create the perfect cut. This will result in an anatomic cut which is NOT preformed like most of the wetsuit manufactures do, but this anatomic cut improves the close-fit for body movements during diving. These 17 measurements will add on for an extremely streamlined design to further improve the hydrodynamics of the suit.

The Elios freediving wetsuit will make you feel comfortable under water, they will make you better streamlined and safe you precious energy. The Elios Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano Superskin outside and Superelastic lining or Open cell inside are designed with modern materials to keep you stress-free by the pressure of the wetsuit while the suit help you to maintain your body warmth.

Additional information

Wetsuit Type

1,5mm Supersmooth Light Green Nano Capsule outside / Nylon Stretch inside, 3mm SuperSmooth Nano Black Deep / Open cell, 3mm SuperSmooth Nano Purple / Open cell, 5mm SuperSmooth Nano Red / Open cell, 5mm SuperSmooth Nano Black Deep / Open cell, 5mm SuperSmooth Nano Blue / Open cell, 5mm SuperSmooth Nano Silver / Open cell, 5mm SuperSmooth Nano Dark Grey / Open cell, 7mm SuperSmooth Nano Dark Grey / Open cell, 3mm SuperSmooth Silver / Superelastic lining inside, 3mm SuperSmooth Purple / Superelastic lining inside, 3mm SuperSmooth Blue / Superelastic lining inside, 3mm SuperSmooth Metallic green / Superelastic lining inside, 3mm SuperSmooth Dark Grey / Superelastic lining inside, 3mm SuperSmooth Black deep / Superelastic lining inside, 5mm SuperSmooth Silver / Superelastic lining inside, 5mm SuperSmooth Blue / Superelastic lining inside, 5mm SuperSmooth Dark Grey / Superelastic lining inside, 5mm SuperSmooth Black Deep / Superelastic lining inside


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