Freediving Rope


Freediving Rope

Freediving rope developed for watersport and freediving in mind! Made from PPV with a minimum elongation of 4%. The rope is very strong, non absorbing and light-weight. The perfect material for you to seek for new depths!

Temporary SUPER discount! Now 10mm for $1.10 p/meter and 12mm for $1.3 p/meter!


Freediving Rope

This freediving rope is a static rope designed with water sports and freediving in mind. This freediving line is popular with freedive instructors and travelling freedivers around the world because of its specific freediving properties.

The freediving rope has a minimum elongation of 4%, is very strong, abrasion resistance and doesn’t stiffen or harden when it’s used for many years in sea water and the sun. The rope is made of light-weight PPV which is chemically stable, non-flammable, non-absorbing, float-able and dries quickly.

The rope is available with a 10mm and 12mm diameter, and lengths from 30 meter all the way up to 200meter.

Please note: This rope is a budget-friendly good-quality rope, but it’s not the freediving rope that we use on our buoys in Panglao. The imported high-quality rope we use at the centre is about 6 times the price, and we don’t sell this.

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10mm, 12mm


30mtr., 40mtr., 50mtr., 60mtr., 70mtr., 80mtr., 90mtr., 100mtr., 110mtr., 120mtr., 130mtr., 140mtr., 150mtr., 160mtr., 170mtr., 180mtr., 190mtr., 200mtr.


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