Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)


Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)

Improve your underwater experience with the durable Pro Freediving Rope, which looks and feels great and has almost no stretch!


Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)

With a 10.5mm diameter, this high-quality freediving rope is a fantastic option for the budget-conscious freediver. The rope can be used on any buoy, is durable, stays afloat while setting up and has a stretch under a heavy load of less than 2%. This minimum elongation prevents any unexpected jerks or bounces while you freedive!

Our freediving rope comes in 2 variations––marked and unmarked. We install a (tennis ball) lanyard stopper for the marked variation and place tape every 5 meters, which makes this the ideal choice for freediving training. On the other hand, the unmarked variation needs to be marked by the freediver.

We have this rope unmarked in our warehouse for international shipping – we are currently looking at options to organise shipping marked rope, but we’re not sure when this will be in place – we want to organise this well. At the moment, we can only offer marked rope in our dive center in Panglao and shipping within the Philippines.

You can find our professional level 10.5mm super static freediving rope on this page.



Why you need it

  • Static and budget-friendly freediving rope that sinks easily
  • Has an excellent, non-slip grip for ease of use and better comfort
  • Stretches under heavy load no more than 2% to prevent jerks or bounces
  • Highly durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Comes with additional 3m of FREE rope (e.g. 60m + 3m)

Freedive Academy Update: Please note; we only listed ropes up to a length of 110meter, but we can supply any length you desire.

If you are interested in buying rope - regardless of the length - or want to combine your order with a freediving buoy or, for example, a bottom-weight strap, freediving bottom plate, stainless steel carabiners, etc.

Please get in touch with us before placing the order. We prefer to make a custom offer since we usually can customise, package and lower the packaging and shipping cost.

Additional information


30mtr., 40mtr., 50mtr., 60mtr., 70mtr., 80mtr., 90mtr., 100mtr., 110mtr.


Marked, Unmarked


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