Silicone Freediving Snorkel

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Silicone Freedving Snorkel

The Go Deep freediving snorkels are made from a high-grade silicone material that’s flexible, dirt-resistant and have a comfortable mouthpiece. The freediving snorkels are lightweight, have a big diameter pipe for the least breathing resistance possible and bend easily to the face curvature of every freediver.

These freediving snorkels are a must-have for every serious freediver.


The Go Deep Silicone Freediving Snorkel

The Go Deep silicone freediving snorkel will be the last freediving snorkel you’ll use. This freediving snorkel has all the right qualities you would search for and need in a snorkel.

The freediving snorkel is made from a high-grade silicone material, making the snorkel and mouthpiece dirt resistant, flexible, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless.

The tube is lightweight, flexible and with a pipe diameter of 22mm nice and wide, so there isn’t much air resistance while breathing, and the soft mouthpiece makes it comfortable to breathe through.

The silicone snorkel comes with a flexible clip that can help mount the snorkel to the mask strap – although most freedivers will carry the snorkel underneath the mask strap against their hood.

This silicone freediving snorkel can be used for fun and straightforward snorkelling as well as performance training.


Important Safety Considerations for Snorkels and Freediving

Not directly related to the quality of this snorkel, but as a freediving business and freediving center, we worry about the many people we see in videos still carrying their snorkels in their mouths while freediving. Please, always take out your snorkel while diving down.

Freedivers use a snorkel for breathing calmly and comfortably on the surface – we don’t breathe underwater, so there is no need for a snorkel.

The 3 main reasons to take out your snorkel while freediving!

1) Keeping your snorkel in your mouth complicates equalisation. Sticking your tongue against the snorkel mouthpiece to stop water from running into your mouth makes all forms of equalisation more difficult. Your objective with equalisation should be relaxation. Sticking your tongue in your mouthpiece is not relaxing.

Then for the safety consideration!

2) Purging your freediving snorkel on the surface can lead to a blackout. When you reach the surface, your snorkel is filled with water. To breathe, you need to purge the water forcefully from your snorkel, and the sudden pressure drop in the lungs can lead to a blackout.

3) At depth or when you break the surface and are diving at your limit, the brain might think that the mouth is open and could (unconsciously) inhale and thus would you inhale all the water in your snorkel.

Stay safe, never freedive with a snorkel in your mouth!

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