Go Deep CNF Lanyard Set


Go Deep CNF Lanyard Set

Stay safe whenever you free dive with our complete Lanyard Set.


Go Deep CNF Lanyard Set

We put together our CNF belt, wriststrap, and safety lanyard in one complete and essential package for freedivers––regardless of skill level. The CNF and wriststrap are fully adjustable, and our new wrist system is easy and convenient, thanks to a velcro strap that you only need to set up once. After that, using the wrist strap happens via the aluminium anodised quick release buckle. Simply put, this Lanyard Set has everything a freediver needs to stay safe, comfortable, and confident in the water.


Why you need it

  • Essential set to ensure your safety while you freedive
  • Strong, professional-grade lanyard with wrist strap and CNF belt
  • New wrist system with set-and-forget velcro strap
  • Aluminium anodised quick release buckle
  • Lightweight for reduced resistance and better comfort


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