Hard Freediving Fin Case

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Hard Freediving Fin Case

Now on sale! The ultimate freediving bifin protective hard case! This lightweight, beautifully finished, a high-quality hard case will protect your bifins and make travelling easy and convenient. The bifin case has the dimensions of 110 x 22 x 14cm and is available in the colours Silver, White, Pink and Black – red cases are no longer produced.

Please read the below shipping notice carefully. When ordering multiple cases, please contact us first.


Hard Freediving Fins Suitcase

If you’re like most freedivers, then the idea of travelling with long freediving fins probably makes you a little nervous and you have every right to feel that way. Freediving fins (plastic, fibreglass and especially carbon fibre) are expensive fins, quite fragile and often one of a freediver’s most valued possessions. If they get damaged during your travels, not only will it set you back a few hundred dollars… But will also mean you won’t be able to use your trusty fins during your trip, ultimately spoiling your freediving vacation!

There are many bifin bags available to make your travels comfortable and easy, and for sure most bifin bags will offer a good level of protection, but none of them protects your precious fins like this hard case.

The Go Diving hard case is made from lightweight but very strong PVC with a smooth or brushed surface, while the inside is made of fibre and foam nylon materials. The freediving fin hard case comes in 6 colours and is equipped with a hand carry handle as well as a shoulder strap.

Outer Dimensions:

  • Length: 110cm

  • Width: 22cm

  • Thickness:14cm

  • Weight: 2.4kg

Inner Dimensions:

  • Length: 108cm

  • Width: 21cm

  • Thickness:14cm

Shipping and Safe Packaging: Shipping items this big is quite challenging. Only a few international couriers ship items over 1mtr. Initially, we shipped with EMS, but after dealing with ridiculous delivery times of 3 to 4 months, cancellations and returns, we decided to increase the shipping fee and ship with UPS as our primary shipping company. We will now ship with a global flat rate of $100 per hard case. We have been very pleased with the orders and shipments so far. Unfortunately, our system can not process this correctly when ordering multiple cases. When ordering multiple cases, we need to process the order manually. Orders placed on the website will be cancelled and refunded. Please get in touch with us here for your enquiries.

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Silver, White, Pink, Black


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