Rubber Freediving Buoy Innertube


Innertube for a Freediving Buoy

There is no need to worry about bad fitting and low-quality innertubes anymore. These innertubes made of natural rubber are of high quality! They are very durable, wear-resistant, and have a small valve so tearing up your wetsuit while jumping on the buoy to pull up the line isn’t a problem.

These innertubes are of such quality that they have been issued with an ISO9001:2008 and ccc /fcc certification.


The Rubber Freediving Buoy Innertube

At the Freedive Academy, we have been searching for a long, long time for the ideal innertube for our freediving buoys. We have been getting frustrated over the years with bad quality rubber innertubes, valves that rusted or were too long. Now, these new innertubes are a fantastic addition to our product offering.

This freediving buoy innertube is made from natural rubber with an extremely high tensile strength with an elongation of well over the tested values of 380 and 400% elongation before breaking – which of course, is way more than we use for freediving. We recommend this innertube for buoys with a diameter of 70 or 80cm but because of the elongation is also fits diameters larger than 80cm. The innertube on the photo (white background) we inflated the tube to 80cm, and as you can see, it holds its form and roundness perfectly.

The rubber material of these innertubes is of such quality that our producer had it issued with an ISO9001:2008 and ccc /fcc certification.

The valve of this innertube is a standard car tire connection but smaller than usual, so freedivers don’t have to worry about ripping their wetsuit when jumping on the buoy to pull up the line.

If you are looking for an innertube with good air tightness, anti-ageing properties, is anti-corrosive, is wear resistance and has a good appearance, don’t look any further. This innertube has it all!

Freedive Academy Update: We are using this innertube on all our freediving buoys for well over a year now and are very happy with the quality. At the dive center in Panglao, we use 70cm Double K Freediving Buoys, and we often use our buoys twice a day. The quality and lifespan are better than any innertube we’ve used before.

Additional information


60cm (Small), 70cm (Large)


Type A (Simple Welded), Type B (Boat Valve)


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