Innertube for a Freediving Buoy


Innertube for a Freediving Buoy

Forget about those dirty and terribly fitting car innertubes, now there are professional innertubes especially made for freediving buoys. These innertubes for the freediving buoys have a perfect fit, are easy to inflate and deflate and have a much longer lifespan. These new innertubes for the freediving buoys come in 2 different sizes and with 2 different valves.

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Innertube for a Freediving Buoy

There is no more need for those dirty and unprofessional car innertubes, we now have 2 different types of innertubes which are especially designed for freediving buoys. The differences between the 2 types is how they are inflated and deflated. The innertube type A is fitted with a simple welded valve and the type B innertube is fitted with a more luxurious plastic boat valve. Additionally the innertube comes in 2 different sizes to suit to most common freedive buoy’s, and those are the freediving buoys with a diameter of 60cm and 70cm.


The advantages of using dedicated innertubes.

  • Unlike car tire innertubes this freediving innertube has a perfect round shape and fits perfectly in the freediving buoy which result in a better distribution of the load.

  • The innertubes have a greater volume which makes the buoyancy greater, and therefore lays higher on the water surface.

  • Because of the improved stability there is less energy loss when you’re coming up with a Free Immersion dive.

  • The PVC material used for the buoy have better properties than regular car tire innertubes which improves the lifespan drastically.

  • Because of the reduced weight and ease of inflating and deflating the innertube is a perfect solution for travelling freedivers.

If you are looking for a professional solution for inflating your freediving buoy, look no further, these innertubes will do the job!

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60cm (Small), 70cm (Large)


Type A (Simple Welded), Type B (Boat Valve)


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