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Mares Razor Carbon Bifins

And as we know from Mares; they have delivered another top quality product! It doesn’t matter which comparison test you read; the Mares Razor Carbon bifin always ends in the top positions. The Mares Razor Carbon Bifins are the perfect bifins for the professionals who love fast and responsive high quality bifins.



Mares Razor Carbon

The fruit of many years of experience and research in the field of composite fins, the Razor Carbon is the result of the latest innovations in technology.

The new manufacturing process with continuous vacuum allows for complete control over production of the blade, eliminating excess epoxy resin, ensuring consistent quality for complete reliability. The precise shape of the pre impregnated 3K carbon skins, utilise different weaves and different basis weights depending on the flex point, transforming the Razor Carbon into a variable thrust fin. Razor Carbon’s versatility and exceptional performance, both on the surface and at depth will satisfy the most demanding freedivers

The special design of the blade, with the lateral stringers on the foot pocket, and the over-moulded reinforcements are incredibly efficient at channelling the flow of water. The 22 degrees angle of the blade to the foot pocket allows the fin to become a natural extension of the leg, making fining easier.

The extreme lightness of the fin and the proportions of the blade increase efficiency and allow an almost effortless fining. Fin measures 34.6″ (880 mm) in size 7.5/8 and weighs 1.9 lbs. (883 g). Fin is available in multiple sizes.



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    For divers who love the soft but responsive fin
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    For mid-depth diving and extended finning
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    Blades change the angle at which they bend, channelling the flow of water toward the ‘V’ at the tip, preventing the fin from slipping
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    Manufacturing process with continuous vacuum in autoclave
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    Blade made out of 3k pre-impregnated carbon fibers
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    Tapered blade is made of the best techno-polymers
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    Variable side ribs to support and optimise flex and channel thrust
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    Optimal blade inclination at 22 degrees relative to the foot pocket
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    Unbeatable performance
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    Protection bag included

When available please always use the sizing tables of the manufacturer. As an additional reference, we compiled a shoe and feet size conversion chart with the international standards in shoe and feet sizes. When still in doubt please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!

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39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46, 47/48


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