Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Tail’


Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Tail’

Tired of plastic, crappy, get loose easily, boring and un-secure noseclips? Thanks to modern technology, the new and first Molchanovs Noseclip ‘Tail’ was launched. It is durable, made of the alloy of aluminium, magnesium, and copper, colourful, trendy and super cute with a name ‘heart’. You can never underestimate the size; it will let you enjoy and be worry-free during deep diving.



Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Tail’

We are introducing the newly developed Molchanovs Noseclip Tail Jewelry.

Who said that you couldn’t put on jewellery while free diving?

Molchanovs launched not just one, but two new varieties of aluminium noseclips: the Molchanovs aluminium noseclip ‘Heart’ and Molchanovs aluminium noseclip ‘Smile.’


Molchanovs Noseclip Jewellery

The Molchanovs freediving equipment is known for several reasons. First of all, of course, it was established by no other than the Molchanovs family, Natalia and Alexey (Mother and Son) and both successful World Champions and World Record holders. Moreover, Molchanovs equipment meets international standards and have proven its quality over and over. The most popular would be the Molchanovs monofin and carbon bifins that have been used by many freediving professionals around the world.

This time, Molchanovs once again comes out with something revolutionary, it introduces their very first noseclip.


Special Features and Benefits:

  • Tempered to increase strength and durability

  • Made of on aluminium, magnesium and copper alloy to keep it as light and comfortable as possible

  • Anodised finish to protect against corrosion

  • Tested by professional freedivers.

  • Equipped with 46 cm rope.

  • It is designed for freediving and other watersports.

  • Small and unique with a name “heart” on it.


What’s the Difference with other noseclips?

First, unlike other noseclip brands, the Molchanovs noseclip Tail and heart have been tempered to increase its strength and durability. Next, the Molchanovs aluminium noseclip are handmade.  Then, they are made of aluminium alloy, magnesium, and copper to keep it as light, durable and comfortable as possible. It even comes with an Anodised finish making it smooth and to give maximum protection against sea or chlorine water corrosion. Finally, it is too small you would not even notice wearing it, yet you would feel comfortable since it stays on the nose because of its strength. It keeps you safe and panic-free especially during temperature shifts and deep equalisation.

The Molchanovs aluminium noseclips come in the following colours: Red, Blue, Green, Sky Blue, Light Grey and Black.


Let’s wrap it up!

Ever imagined to dive deep, with one breath, without worrying about your nose clip falling or getting loose? We all look forward that someday. And now with the technology and initiative of Molchanovs, we finally have the Aluminium Noseclip that can do that, they are durable, comfortable, secure, stylish and unique.

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Gold, Silver, Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Green


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