Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1


Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 (2018)

The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 are ultimately the best bifins Molchanovs has ever made – that anyone has ever made! CS1 is the combination of their new sports custom-made foot pockets with the proven and tested 100% carbon fibre Molchanovs C1 Blades. The new custom sports foot pockets have an open heel design minus the heavy foot pocket rails resulting in lighter bifins that are designed to allow large and easy movements while maintaining the power. The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 are created based on the standards and requirements of World Freediving Champion Alexey Molchanov. These top-level bifins are a guarantee for comfort and power at the highest level and are a diver’s fantasy come true!


Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 (2018) with Custom Foot Pockets

The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 with custom sports foot pockets are the new pride of the 2018 Molchanovs diving gear collection. The CS1 has the same 100% carbon fibre blades as the fantastic Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C1 only now with the custom sports foot pockets. The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 are considered the best-ever made bifins created by Molchanovs as well as the best available in the market! The bifins are lighter, way thinner, yet very powerful and are combined with the super comfortable foot pockets.

The CS1 carbon blades are made with the same quality and technology of the Molchanovs world-famous monofins. The blades are entirely made out of carbon fabrics through vacuum infusion production technology creating stable and responsive blades. These bifins have proven to be suited for world records!

This brilliant carbon C1 creation has been made even better with the customised sports foot pockets. The new personalised sports foot pockets have open heels design minus the heavy foot pocket rails – resulting in lighter bifins – designed to allow large and natural movements while maintaining energy and maximising the power. It also has an optional arch support feature called supinator. As this foot pockets are made to order, you can ensure that the fit and angle are made for your comfort for effortless finning.

The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 are available in three stiffness levels depending on your comfort and leg strength. Other variation options are the blade and accent colours, such as white, blue, green, pink and gold. Please make sure to measurement accurately as our customisation depends on the measurements that you’ll provide for us.

When available please always use the sizing tables of the manufacturer. As an additional reference, we compiled a shoe and feet size conversion chart with the international standards in shoe and feet sizes. When still in doubt please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!

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Blade Colors

White, Green, Blue, Pink, Gold (+50USD)


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