Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1


Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 (2018)

The Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 are newly added products to Molchanovs diving gear collection. Alexey Molchanov himself helped design the F1 bifin, and as you would expect from Molchanovs, these fibreglass bifins are one of the best fibreglass bifins on the market. Be it recreational or competitive, the Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 won’t fail you. Its ultra-high compression fibreglass blades are made from UHC fibre, known as high-performance fibreglass that makes the F1 softer, stronger, and more durable. If you want to experience smooth and top-level freediving at a very reasonable cost, you should get yourself a pair of the Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 NOW!

The bifins are available in small sizes too!


Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1

We are very pleased to inform you that the Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 are now available in our store! The fibreglass bifins can be ordered with the tested Pathos foot pockets or the ever amazing Imersion™ foot pockets. These bifins are of the same quality of the Molchanovs fibreglass monofins – best competitive freediving monofins in the world! Designed with the high standards of the expert Alexey Molchanov, a multiple world record holder, and five-time freediving world champion. The hand-layered UHC fibreglass blades are assembled only by the best craftsmen in the industry to ensure maximum comfort.

The Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 are perfect a match with the proven and tested Imersion™ foot pockets are made of high-quality soft rubbers. For strong swimmers, the special carbon inserts are available for you! The carbon inserts harden the soles and improve the responsiveness of the fins. It also adds to your foot size and enhances cosiness. If you’re looking for a wide size variation, Pathos foot pockets are also available.

The Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 is available in three stiffness level and four different colours (green, blue, pink, white, and gold*) depending on your choice. Please note that the fibreglass bifins with the gold option come at an additional cost of $50

When available please always use the sizing tables of the manufacturer. As an additional reference, we compiled a shoe and feet size conversion chart with the international standards in shoe and feet sizes. When still in doubt please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!

The fibreglass bifins are available in smaller (and bigger) sizes too!

Anyone with a smaller foot size knows how difficult it is to find bifins with a smaller foot pocket. We are very happy to announce that from now on we can supply the Molchanovs bifins in the sizes 36/38 and 46/48 too.

We’ll continue to send out the Molchanovs fibreglass bifins in the sizes 38/40, 40/42, 42/44 and 44/46 with Immersion foot pockets. For the bifin sizes 36/38 and  46/48, we’ll use Pathos foot pockets.

If you prefer to have the sizes 38/40, 40/42, 42/44 or 44/46 with Pathos foot pockets please contact us.

Additional information

Blade Colors

White, Green, Blue, Pink, Gold (+50USD)

With Carbon Inserts:

Yes, please!, No, thank you


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