Mochanovs Performance Freediving Wetsuit


Mochanovs Freediving Wetsuit

This Molchanovs Performance Wetsuit is incredible! It is truly the wetsuit for champions.

This freediving wetsuit is made from premium neoprene for ultimate flexibility and comfort and comes in 3 different models; the hooded, hoodless and sleeveless model. This Molchanovs smoothskin wetsuit is designed for competitions, with a smooth SCS layer on the outside for gliding through the water for maximum efficiency and minimum effort.


Mochanovs Performance Freediving Wetsuit

As a freediver, having a good quality freediving wetsuit is a necessity. When you go freediving, you should maintain your body temperature – not too hot and not too cold. You should protect yourself from the elements, cold, waves, sun but of course also from marine life like jellyfish. Molchanovs is one of the world’s most famous freediving gear producers and best producers of excellent high-quality freediving wetsuits, and their wetsuits come at reasonable prices too.

The suits have a good fit, are very comfortable and fashionable. The designers ensured that Molchanovs wetsuits could withstand extreme conditions by continually searching the world market for the latest fabrics to promote durability, warmth, and comfort using the latest manufacturing techniques. Molchanovs wetsuits are made for daring adventures.

Our best selling Molchanovs Performance Freediver Competitive wetsuit has a thermic feature. Each wetsuit utilises a thermic inner layer which helps to increase positive thermal qualities that provide a warmer and more comfortable performance experience.


The 3 Types of Molchanovs Freediving Wetsuits

All the Molchanovs performance wetsuits come in 6 colours; black, silver, blue, red, purple and green and both the men and women wetsuits come in 4 different sizes.


1) The hooded performance wetsuit

This is a traditional freediving suit, and we’ve all seen one or had many, many times – a classic with a hood! The 1mm and 1.5mm options come with a lycra interior for easy wearing and are stitched at the seams. The 3mm comes with an open cell interior for warmth and is glued at the seams.


2) The hoodless performance wetsuit

The hoodless suit is similar to the hooded suit but is now only available in 1 and 1,5mm thickness.


3) The sleeveless performance wetsuit

Another beautiful freediving wetsuit but now without hood and sleeve, and this makes it the perfect pool wetsuit.

Molchanovs Wetsuit Sizes Men
Molchanovs Wetsuit Sizes Women

Additional information


1mm ($460), 1.5mm ($680), 1.5mm Stiched & Glued ($700), 3mm ($580)


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