Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag


Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag

Do you want to travel with your monofin and diving gear safely? The Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag is what you need! This bag is essential for hassle-free travelling. The monofin bag is primarily designed to fit in and protect your monofin, diving gears and accessories. The outer material is water and abrasion-resistant. For additional protection, plastic inserts are being used to harden the bag. With this monofin travel bag, you can now carry all your freediving essentials with style and ease. It has a 23-kilogram recommended maximum capacity. Now available in 3 vibrant colours!


Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag

Diving is great, but travelling with all your freediving gear doesn’t add on to the fun! To make it all easier, all you need is the Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag! This monofin bag is spacious enough for either 2 or 3 monofins, while you still have plenty of space for all your other equipment like wetsuits, masks, snorkel, and such. Using the bag is very convenient and comfortable. With this monofin travel bag, you can now focus on the fun instead of bringing your bag from A to B undamaged!

The maximum recommended weight capacity of this monofin travel bag is 23 kilograms. The cover is equipped with multiple handles and straps so that you can carry it in any way you want. This travel bag is made of durable nylon and attached with tear-resistant thread. It is water-resistant and safe from abrasions.

The Molchanovs monofin travel bag is 13cm deep and can comfortably fit 2 or even 3 monofins plus ALL your accessories.

Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag

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