Molchanovs Pulley System


Molchanovs Pulley System

Alexey Molchanovs is ‘reinventing’ the way we use the ropes on the buoy. Pulling up the lines, knotting, collecting – it can now be done with ease. Now, with the new Molchanovs Line Pulley System, the raising and lowering of the lines and bottom weights will be a piece of cake! Once you have tried it, you will never want to go back to using a plain carabiner!


Molchanovs Pulley System

Pulling up the rope to its desired length after a dive can be quite a struggle – especially in case of an emergency with a freediver hanging on to it. With the brand-new metal  Molchanovs Pulley System, you will have easy foot support to pull up the line – and a quick release with a brake system for lowering the rope. A very secure and easy-to-use locking mechanism made of corrosion resistant metal which is suitable for 8, 10, and 12mm lines – a welcome relief for all freedivers!


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