Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2


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Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2

The Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2 is undoubtedly the best choice for elite freediving competitors! It has a more extensive and stronger blade-base, and a softened edge for an almost effortless powerful kick— definitely designed for the big win! This Molchanovs fibreglass sports monofin resonates excellence. The lighter, thinner, and more responsive blade is made of ultra-high compression fibreglass. The customised foot pockets are amazingly comfortable, optionally made with arch support and soft rubber linings. This monofin can easily and safely take you any depth you want! Another best value for money from Molchanovs!


Molchanovs Fibreglass Sport Monofin S2 (2018

Designed by the multiple World Record Holder, and five-time Freediving World Champion, Alexey Molchanov. The Molchanovs S2 Sport Monofin is without a doubt one of the best competitive freediving monofins in the world – if not THE best sports monofin in the world! Only the finest artisans in the industry assemble the hand-layered and highly compressed fibreglass blades. The customised foot pockets are amazingly comfortable and come with optional arch support and soft rubber linings. Not only proven and tested by its designer Alexey Molchanov but as well as other world champions and record holders like him all over the world. No wonder that Molchanovs monofins are the first choice of champions!

Special features of fibreglass Sport Monofin:

  • Super strong and flexible high-class fibreglass plate.

  • Special foot pocket design for ergonomic and comfortable diving.

  • Maximum boost and propulsion with minimal effort because of the foot pocket angle.

  • Hand,- and custom made for the perfect fit.

  • Used, and tested by the best freedivers in the world.

The original models were repeatedly tested by professional swimmers and freedivers and of course personally by its developer and world record holder Alexey Molchanov. Many of the top athletes in the world recognise this sports monofin as one of the best high-performance monofins in the world.

Additionally, the Molchanovs sports fibreglass monofin is handcrafted by a master with many years of experience in the production of underwater fins. Now with the new models, there are three colours of fibreglass plates to choose from; black, blue and now yellow too. All the Molchanovs monofins are slightly positively buoyant, which eliminates the chance of losing it in the depths of the sea.

The production time of the fibreglass monofin is 4 to 6 weeks, but when needed (and when possible) we can take into account the urgency of your order. Do you need the monofin urgently? Please contact us via the contact page.

The NEW Sport Monofin Options!

When Molchanovs informed FREEDIVE+ about the new features that are available for the new monofins we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the first models, and now that we’ve seen and tested them ourselves we’re sure this will be huge in freediving.

Not only does the new sports monofin come in a brand new yellow and blue colour, but there are now three new options available.

The new stripes on the monofin blade.

The new monofin stripes/rails are more a design option than functionality. The small rubber strips look amazing but also protect the blade from scratches in the pool, and they maybe help to hold the flow a bit, but not that significant since the blade already pushes the water in the right direction. It for sure helps lift the ‘looking cool’ factor.

Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2

Obtain a straighter foot position with the supinator.

Both the instep supinator and micropore are amazing developments in freediving. They are developed having in mind ‘you should not feel the monofin!’ The arch support supinator instep is an insert in the foot pocket similar to a shoe insole that keeps the instep in a natural position. If you have any problems with bending the legs inwards while kicking, this arch support will possibly prevail this.

Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2

The micropore lining is an extra low friction top layer.

All monofin freedivers know the problems of ‘painful’ feet when they’re training for 20 or 30 minutes. The foot pockets have to be super tied on the foot so you can ‘feel’ the movements, but this can result in very painful feet. The micropore lining is a small pad and extra layer at the top of foot pockets made of a softer rubber with less friction. The first time you’ll use a monofin with an extra micropore pad you’ll ask why no one used this before – it’s such a difference.

When available please always use the sizing tables of the manufacturer. As an additional reference, we compiled a shoe and feet size conversion chart with the international standards in shoe and feet sizes. When still in doubt please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!

Additional information


No Micropore, YES, +17$


No Instep, YES, +17$

Blade Color *


Blade Stiffness *

1H (soft), 1,5H (soft), 2H (medium), 2,5H (medium), 3H (semirigid), 3,5H (rigid)

Accent Color *

Black, Dark Green, Green, Yellow, Gold, White, Blue, Turquoise, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange

Wings Color *

Black, Dark Green, +35$, Green, +35$, Yellow, +35$, Gold, +35$, White, +35$, Blue, +35$, Turquoise, +35$, Light Blue, +35$, Purple, +35$, Pink, +35$, Red, +35$, Orange, +35$

Edge of Wing Color *

Black, Dark Green, +17$, Green, +17$, Yellow, +17$, Gold, +17$, White, +17$, Blue, +17$, Turquoise, +17$, Light Blue, +17$, Purple, +17$, Pink, +17$, Red, +17$, Orange, +17$

Stripes *

No Stripes, YES, +29$

Desired Fit *

Comfortable, Normal, Tight

Foot Size *

35, 36, 37, 38, 38,5, 39, 39,5, 40, 40,5, 41, 41,5, 42, 43, 44, 45

Foot Length, cm *

22, 22,5, 23, 23,5, 24, 24,5, 25, 25,5, 26, 26,5, 27, 27,5, 28, 28,5, 29, 29,5, 30, 30,5, 31

Foot Circumference, cm *

21, 21,5, 22, 22,5, 23, 23,5, 24, 24,5, 25, 25,5, 26, 26,5, 27, 27,5, 28, 28,5, 29

2 reviews for Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2

  1. Apnea Dave

    What a great fin! Excellent craftsmanship! And thanks guys for the help with the sizes and support!

  2. Richard

    I’m giving 4 stars because of the delivery time of almost 6 weeks, but other than that, great fin!!!! Can’t wait to take it for a spin!

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