Octopus Carbon Freediving Noseclip


Octopus Carbon Freediving Noseclip

After the massive success of the classic Octopus noseclip, Pascal Berger, multiple Swiss National Record Holder, further innovated the noseclips and came out with the first-ever carbon noseclip.

The carbon Octopus freediving noseclip is made in Switzerland with top-quality materials and finish. When the classic Octopus is a bit too big for you, or you are looking for a more durable and arguably a more stylish noseclip, then you can’t go wrong with the brand-new carbon noseclip.



The Carbon Octopus Freediving Noseclip

By now, we all know that Octopus Freediving is one of the most popular brands in freediving. They are one of the leading brands, they innovate, and with each of their product launches, the freediving world is buzzing with excitement. The same was the case when they launched this carbon freediving noseclip.

The carbon Octopus noseclip is just a bit smaller than its bigger brother, the classic octopus noseclip, which was also a massive success and our best selling noseclip to date. Besides the size, a few more differences exist between the carbon Octopus noseclip and the classic Octopus noseclip.

The material of the pads is the same. Both noseclips use silicone for their pads, although the pads of the carbon Octopus noseclip are significantly smaller and have an elliptic shape, whereas the classic pads are round.

The biggest difference comes with the material of the actual frame or structure of the noseclip. The carbon Octopus noseclip is the first noseclip on the market made out of carbon polymer, which makes the noseclip super durable and stiff.

This noseclip comes in 6 different colours, is an absolute beauty and will last you a lifetime!

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Deep Blue, Grey, White, Red, Light Blue, Lime


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