Octopus Classic Pulling System


Octopus Classic Pulling System

Octopus founder and owner Pascal Berger continuously delivers high-quality products that are now part of almost every freedivers dive kit. Whether it is the Octopus Noseclip or the Octopus Lanyard, Octopuss will never disappoint.

The Octopus Pulling System, or Pulley System as some call it, was another one of those shifts in freediving. Before the Octopus Pulling System was launched, no one was using a system like this, and now everyone loves it and uses one. The Octopus Pulling System is made in Switzerland, made out of a polyamide housing with polyamide pulleys and an anodised aluminium hook. The finish is incredible and a nice piece of functional jewellery in every freedivers kit.


Octopus Classic Pulling System

Like the Octopus Noseclip, this Octopus Pulling System was also launched on a crowdfunding website, and it was a massive success right from the start.

Swiss National Record holder and Octopus founder and owner Pascal Berger absolute delivered with this pulley system. The pulling system has an ergonomic shape, is suited for lines from 8 to 13mm diameter and is very easy to install and use.

The body is made out of polyamide charged with 20% fibreglass. The two polyamide pulleys have a diameter of 18mm. The handle and break are made of anodised aluminium, which is corrosion resistant and holds well in seawater. The entire pulling system is put together by 3 marine grade stainless steel bolts.

The Octopus Pulling System is a fantastic piece of equipment and a must-have for every freediver.

Check out the below product video!

Also, have a look at the below video of a prototype testing in 2018.

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