Octopus CNF Lanyard


Octopus CNF Lanyard

Pascal Berger did it again! After the Octopus freediving lanyard’s massive launch and success, he launched his new CNF lanyard belt. The multiple Swiss National Record holder used his carbon carabiner, the marine grade 100cm stainless steel cable and now attached it to a beautifully designed 30mm polyester belt. The Octopus CNF lanyard belt is made with only top-quality materials guaranteeing safety, comfort and durability.


Octopus CNF Lanyard

Using a freediving lanyard is a must-do when diving on a training line – especially in waters with current or bad visibility and using a regular safety lanyard isn’t a problem. The lanyard is attached to the wrist or ankle with Free Immersion dives, which isn’t a problem. You barely notice this, but with No Fins diving having the safety lanyard around the wrist or ankle can be quite disturbing. It creates drags and limits the movement. Therefore freedivers now prefer to use a special CNF freediving lanyard that is attached to the waist.

The Octopus CNF lanyard is designed and developed by Swiss National Record holder Pascal Berger. The lanyard is based on the highly popular Octopus freediving lanyard, and this CNF lanyard has the same carbon carabiner, the same 100cm marine grade stainless steel cable but is now attached to a 30mm polyester waist strap with a polyamide connection plate.

For those interested in buying the wrist and waist strap, please check out our Octopus lanyard set.

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