Octopus Fluid Goggles


Octopus Fluid Goggles

Octopus Freediving has been developing innovative products since 2015 and it’s the same with these fluid goggles. These Octopus Fluid Goggle are another beautiful product made by Pascal Berger, the multiple Swiss national record holder.

A beautiful polycarbonate body, a high-grade silicone skirt and strap and well-made lenses. The fluid goggles are a great addition to every freedivers gear assortment!


Octopus Fluid Goggles

The Octopus Fluid goggles are another one of those great Octopus Freediving products. The fluid goggles are beautifully looking, made of high-quality materials, and the fluid goggles have an unprecedented finish.

Fluid goggles are not for everyone. Some people love the feeling of having the water run along their face. But there is a large market of those freedivers that don’t like to have the water running along their face. Some freedivers don’t feel comfortable not being able to see anything underwater. Fluid goggles solve these problems. They help with visibility – you can see the freediving dive line better than without the goggles, and they help with the ‘stressful’ feeling of the water running along the eyes and cheeks.

Fluid goggles help people relax underwater, and doing this with the Octopus Fluid Goggles is a great idea. The fluid goggles have a polycarbonate structure, a high-grade silicone skirt and head strap, and the 20mm lenses are made of PCX. Overall, these fluid goggles by Octopus are another high-quality product coming from Switzerland which you will happily use for many, many years.

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