Octopus Pulling System XL


Octopus Pulling System XL

After the massive success of the Classic Octopus Puling System in 2018, multiple Swiss National Record Holder and AIDA master instructor Pascal Berger said, we can do better. The Octopus Pulling System XL is the same type of pulling system. Looks just as great but has larger pulleys which cause less friction and thus make pulling up the line much easier than with the classic Octopus pulling system.

As with all Octopus products, this Octopus Pulling System XL is also made of high-quality materials, functions like no other and looks and feels great. The Octopus pulling system is a must-have item for all freedivers.


The Octopus Pulling System XL

The Octopus Pulling System XL is the bigger brother of the Classic Pulling System. Octopus advises that the Classic is used for freediving ropes with a diameter of 8 to 10mm and the Pulling System XL for 10 to 13mm lines. The Classic can handle lines from 8 to 12mm and the XL 8 to 13mm, but the thicker lines can be challenging to pul up with the Classic pulling system, and therefore Octopus advises for lines thicker than 10mm to use the XL.

The Pulling System XL is similarly shaped and build as the Classic. The XL comes in the colours white, red, blue and yellow, and is made of a polyamide housing reinforced with 20% fibreglass. The handle is made of 8mm thick anodized aluminium, which serves as the perfect break. And the XL Pulling System has two low frictions polyamide pulleys for ropes 8 to 13mm.

The Octopus Pulling System XL makes your diving safe and convenient!

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White, Blue, Red, Yellow


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