The Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins


Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins

Korean freediving manufacturer Double K is upping the game with their new Revolution 1 Carbon Freediving Bifins.

These fins are the first freediving fins that come with actual footpockets/shoes mounted to the carbon blade! The footpockets are made of some of the best neoprene materials available, and the blade is made with high grade carbon for maximum performance and durability.

You can’t go wrong with these high quality high performance fins from Double K!



The Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins

Big news from our Korean friends of Double K. Double K just introduced their first Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins.

Freediving fins allow us to instantly become aquatic, fast, efficient and graceful when diving deep. They also play a key role in our safety and for those that we are diving with.

The new Carbon Revolution 1 high performance freediving fins from Double K are made with 100% carbon blades and are made of the highest quality available.

The thin carbon blade is made in 3 stiffness’s; soft, medium and hard, and are incredibly light and clearly made for freedivers who want the best freediving equipment available.

The Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins are really revolutionary. They are the first freediving fins available that don’t come with rubber footpockets, but these freediving fins come with an actual shoe mounted to the blade. The footpocket/shoe is of ergonomic design and includes neoprene inner material thus promoting a good fit and ventilation. The structure and layer design is intended to maximise performance and reducing fatigue and discomfort.

And all of this quality weighs only an incredible 450 gram!


Special Features:

  • 100% pure carbon

  • Changeable easy fixing

  • Seawater free lock system

  • water ventilation mesh system

  • Only 450 gram

When available please always use the sizing tables of the manufacturer. As an additional reference, we compiled a shoe and feet size conversion chart with the international standards in shoe and feet sizes. When still in doubt please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!

Additional information

Water Rail Color

White, Black, Pink, Double K Blue, Basil Mint


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