Waterpulse Sinus Rinsing Bottle 300ml


Waterpulse Sinus Rinsing Bottle

Waterpulse made it incredibly easy for you to irrigate your nasal and sinus cavities! Sinus rinsing is widely considered one of the best and most budget-friendly ways to stay healthy. Waterpulse created these environmental-friendly plastic bottles with a bent nozzle, for ease of use.

This handy and convenient nasal irrigation bottle is all you will ever need to make do!


Waterpulse Sinus Rinsing Bottle 300ml

It just became a lot easier to irrigate, wash or rinse your nasal and sinus cavity, remove excess mucus, reducing dust, pollen and pollution and possibly solve all of your nasal, sinus and equalisation problems!

Sinus rinsing is an all-natural way to immediately relieve congestion and sinus symptoms without drug interactions or drug side effects. ALL yogis rinse their sinus and nasal cavities first thing in the morning and have been doing this for centuries. Now finally modern medicine has caught up, and every specialist will agree upon the fact it’s THE number 1 method to stay healthy – and this in a very budget-friendly manner.

Waterpulse created environmental-friendly plastic bottles with a bent nozzle, for ease of use, and introduced this product for those that need the irrigation on the go!

Worry no more if you are not able to buy a full nasal irrigation system because this very handy and convenient bottle-to-go is all you will ever need to to help you with your nasal problems!


Important, please read carefully:

Do not rinse if the nasal passage is completely blocked, if you have an ear infection or have blocked ears.

If you have had ear surgery, please contact your physician before irrigation.


The water temperature needs to be lukewarm similar to our body temperature.
Adults need to understand the procedure first before using it on their children.

We recommend that you use this product only on children who are above twelve years of age. If your child is less than twelve years old, you should consult your child’s physician before using this product.

CAUTION: Rinsing your nasal passages with only PLAIN WATER will result in a severe burning sensation. Please do not rinse with plain water, but be safe and use medical grade saline salt specifically developed for sinus rinsing.

If you want to buy the sinus rinsing bottle and saline salt together please check here for the nasal wash package.


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