Skipping Rope 3m x 4.5mm


Boxing & Fitness Skipping Rope

This skipping rope made for athletes! At 3-meter length, this skipping rope is suitable for most adults and even teens. The rope is made of high-quality PVC while the handle is made from compressed foam for a comfortable and easy grip while doing exercise. The rope is attached to the handle via metal bearing for a secured attachment.


Boxing & Fitness Skipping Rope

Made with PVC Cord, metal bearing and soft and comfortable foam handle, this Boxing and Fitness Skipping Rope is made just right! When talking about these items, they need to be durable, do not tangle easily – and if it does, it is very easy to untangle, and made with light but a highly resilient combination of materials to encase everything you may need from it.

This product is coloured black, with a 3-meter length which fits for most individuals. A high-quality item made for people who want to stay fit and fab!


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