Suunto D4i Novo


Suunto D4i Novo (2nd hand)

The Suunto D4i dive computer is one – if not the single most popular dive computer for freedivers. The Suunto D4i is a lightweight and compact dive computer for freediving (and scuba), is very robust and can last you a lifetime.

Over the years, the Freedive Academy team purchased many 2nd hand Suunto dive computers since they are very reliable, durable and new Suunto D4i computers – depending on your location, are on sale for at least $400 to $500 each.


2nd hand Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

Once you completed your beginner freediving course and decide to continue with Level 2 or even join an internship or zero to hero, you need a dive computer – it’s the first thing we recommend you to buy. Advance diving without a dive computer is diving blind. Having that said, dive computers are expensive!

Over the years, we bought many 2nd hand Suunto dive computers from people ready to upgrade or leaving the sport. This helped a lot of freedivers taking their performance to the next level without breaking the bank. We build up a nice collection of dive computers and have them ready to ship out.


General guidelines for buying 2nd hand dive computers:

  • 1-month limited warranty starting on arrival. Batteries are not replaced when we check the computers, and thus battery life is not included in the warranty.

  • Most computers we sell are less than 1-year old, but older dive computers, when in excellent condition, are sold too.

  • Before we ship out your dive computer, we’ll send a short video demonstrating the working dive computer to the customer.


The Suunto D4i Freediving modus

The Suunto D4i has been long time the go-to dive computer for many many freedivers. The Suunto D4i is easy to use and has great features for freedivers and many options for scuba divers.


Specific Key Features for Freedivers:

  • Depth notifications (5x)

  • Depth alarm

  • Dive time alarm

  • Surface timer

  • Sample rate


When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us before placing your order. We have support ready to answer any questions you might have.

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Black, White, Blue, Lime, Grey, Pink, Rose Red


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