Recommended Resorts in Panglao

Where to Stay in Beautiful Panglao!

We Highly Recommend the Following Resorts!

We are located on Napaling Drive, in Tangnan, Panglao on Panglao Island – on the only access road to the famous Napaling Reef and Sardines – this is where we train and run courses every day. For finding a place to stay in Panglao, we’d highly recommend searching for apartments and rooms on and since they both price match and have the largest selection of resorts in Panglao. If you’ve lost track of where we are based, this is us on Google Maps.

Below you will find a selection of accommodations that are all near the academy and are highly recommended. Having this said; you will likely need a scooter to go around the island, and from pretty much anywhere on the island, it is no more than a 15-minute drive on excellent and well-maintained roads. We are located on the north side of the island which the beautiful quiet side of the island. If you prefer to stay in the tourist area where all the restaurants and bars are we recommend that you book your resort somewhere near or in Alona.

Map of Panglao

Our own Apnea Sports Resort

We started accepting bookings already! We are very proud! We just finished the first eco-friendly bamboo bungalows. They are all directly poolside, and they look incredible! We made the bungalows slightly bigger than initially planned, so they have more inside space, a larger balcony, and a more comfortable shower area. The bungalows have superb heat isolation, so they stay nice and cool during the sunny Philippine days. Each bungalow is equipped with a standing ventilator, queen-sized bed, shower, and a small desk and has its own dedicated high-speed fiber internet connection.

We have the listing on already, but if you are interested in staying with us, please get in touch with us directly since we are now renting out the bungalows with a big opening discount.

eco-friendly bungalows
Breathing Workshop
Resort and Pool
Dive Centre with Pool
Monofin Workshop
Monofin Training in the Pool
View from Bamboo Bungalow
Instructor Classroom
Dumpling Night
Dinner Night
Livingroom Academy
Stretching Diagram

Other Places to Stay around Panglao Island!

They are all Close By, Clean and Convenient!

Kalikasan Dive Resort

Visit our old freediving center! We started our freediving time in Panglao in Kalikasan. We have been based here for almost three years and had a fantastic time! Kalikasan is a cliffside, beautiful green and comfortable resort. Great hospitality, nice, clean and lovely rooms with direct access to Napaling reef our house reef and training spot. We are now based on the access road to Kalikasan Dive Resort at only 300 meters away from them. Rooms start here from around $25 per night.

Kalikasan Dive Resort

Panglao Starboard Inn

Starboard Inn is the closest – and cheapest option you will find. They are located at about a 50 meters walk from us, and their rooms start at about $15. The rooms are basic, clean and okay. And especially with the distance of 50 meters to the academy ground, you can not really go wrong with the Starboard Inn.

Panglao Green Hills

The Panglao Green Hills resort is a small clean, and cosy Irish owned resort with a lovely family atmosphere. They are located between the center and Tagbilaran city. From the resort, it’s less than 8 minutes via scooter. The rooms are clean. The resort is beautiful and quiet and all very affordable with room prices starting at about $18 per night.

Mithi Resort & Spa

If you want luxury and the best-of-the-best, you must have a look at Mithi Resort & Spa which is located at only a 5 minutes scooter ride away from us. Mithi Resort & Spa rooms are about $230 with the luxury villa’s going for $450 per night. Mithi Resort & Spa has a private beach, infinity pools, spa’s and spectacular restaurants and is probably the single most luxurious resort in Panglao and Bohol province.

Barefoot Alona Resort & Hostel

The Barefoot isn’t close by the academy, but at about 12-minute scooter drive from us. But since we get a lot of requests for affordable and nice hostels, we couldn’t leave this one out. Even though the Barefoot is a low budget, their facility and restaurant are quite lovely. The shared dormitory rooms start at about $12 per night. In our opinion, the facility and family atmosphere of the resort makes the Barefoot the top hostel on the island.

Barefoot Resort

Are you staying for about a month in Panglao with for example long-term training? Then it’s wiser (and cheaper) to find an apartment around the island.

You will find more information about this in our knowledge base article ‘find long term accommodation in Panglao‘.

Panglao Island is a beautiful, green and developed island. It is easy to travel to Bohol, and touring around Panglao is just as easy. The roads are big and well-maintained, and you can easily commute via scooter or tricycle from anywhere on the island. Because of the distance to the center, cleanliness and hospitality, we think the above five properties are perfect for your freediving vacation. Still, if you prefer something else, Panglao has something beautiful for everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.