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Over the years, our retail shop in Panglao developed from a basic retail hub to get some quick gear to a great store offering all the gear freedivers need from freediving buoys to freediving weight belts up to kickboards, pool noodles and swimming goggles. If you are in Bohol, please visit the dive center in Panglao since not all items we sell in our academy are listed online.

Now because of the popularity of our shop, we changed our direction now focussed fully on global sales, optimised shipping, warehousing and stock control resulting in quick and affordable shipments of the training and freediving gear you all love so much!

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Working in different time zones results in reliable 24/7 quick support, contact us now for any questions you might have.

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Smart warehousing and optimised stock control almost always result in next day priority shipping!

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We set ourselves apart with more developed, flexible and optimised shipping and distribution channels.

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When catering to a global audience, you need payment methods to fit the market. From bank transfers, different cards to Paypal, Wechat, Alipay and Gcash – we offer it all.

Our Deal of the MONTH!

The Go Deep Tubeless 70cm Freediving Buoy

This buoy quickly became one of our best sellers – people love them! This tubeless freediving buoy is made from extremely strong heavy-duty waterproof 1680 and 1000 denier coated polyester canvas material, making the buoy water-, abrasion- and tear-resistant. The buoy feels solid, and the moment you get it in your hands, you know it’s a high-quality buoy!

The next generation of buoys – the tubeless easy-to-inflate freediving buoys have arrived, and this Go Deep Freediving Buoy is most certainly a welcome addition to the freediving world.

Don’t miss out on this super special offer – currently, the only colours left are yellow and orange!

Go Deep 70cm Freediving BuoyGo Deep 70cm Freediving Buoy

Go Deep 70cm Freediving Buoy


Go Deep Freediving Buoy (70cm)

This tubeless and easy to inflate freediving buoy is the perfect buoy for recreational and semi-professional use. The buoy itself is made of extremely strong heavy-duty waterproof 1680 and 1000 denier coated polyester canvas material which makes the buoy water-, abrasion- and tear-resistant. The bottom is made out of mesh to allow the water to flow freely. The straps are made out of PES, and the buoy has two quality plastic YKK zippers, and marine-grade velcro strips to open and close the top easily.

Diving with this freediving buoy is an absolute pleasure!

Here you will find a complete overview of all the products we sell.

Check out some of our Best Selling Items

These are the items we sold most online and in our shop in Panglao!

All the freediving gear you love so much, from freediving lanyards to equalisation tools to freediving noseclips.

Here you will find a complete overview of all the products we sell.

Assemble your Freediving Buoy and Kit!

Are you in the market for a freediving buoy? Great, we have a beautiful selection for you, and we can help you get all the tools and gear together to make it a total freediving kit. If you have a wishlist and want to order larger quantities, please contact us so we can try to make you a nice package.

Here you will find a complete overview of all the products we sell.

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Just recently, we only had a few brands active in the industry, but freediving has come a long way in the last couple of years. Now that the sport freediving is booming, people understand that you can join a freediving course – even can train to become a freediving instructor and go on freediving vacations to paradises like Panglao. More and more big brands and manufacturers are coming into the industry, which has been great for the development of safe, high-quality and beautiful looking gear. Here you will find our webshop categories and some of the brands that we work with.

Here you will find a complete overview of all the products we sell.

Our Freediving Gear by Category, Search or Brand!

Here you will find a complete overview of all the products we sell.

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In 2020 we completely transformed our purchasing, warehousing and distribution. Now thanks to smart stock control, we can ship quickly from our warehouses in Panglao, the Netherlands and China.

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You can pay by bank transfer to our offices in the Netherlands or the Philippines, and you can pay with Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoins, Alipay, Wechat Pay and Gcash.