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Molchanovs Pulley System


Molchanovs Pulley System

Alexey Molchanovs is ‘reinventing’ the way we use the ropes on the buoy. Pulling up the lines, knotting, collecting – it can now be done with ease. Now, with the new Molchanovs Line Pulley System, the raising and lowering of the lines and bottom weights will be a piece of cake! Once you have tried it, you will never want to go back to using a plain carabiner!

Lightweight Molchanovs Monofin Bag


Lightweight Molchanovs Monofin Bag

The 2018 Lightweight Molchanovs Monofin Bag is made of a very durable yet lightweight fabric and sewn with tear-resistant thread. The monofin bag is specially designed for a hassle-free packing. Your monofin, snorkel, belt, mask, and other small accessories will fit comfortably in the stylish and vibrant Molchanovs Lightweight Monofin Bag and all your gear will be safe from scratches and direct sunlight exposure for a convenient, worry-free diving trip!

Noseclip Apnea Academy


Apnea Academy Noseclip

It is perfect not only for freediving but also suitable for other water sports. The noseclip is highly hydrodynamic, and the nose grip can be freely set. The body is made of highly durable mixture of PA – Polyamide. Not only does the noseclip look nice, but it functions as you can expect, is highly resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. It has a non-slippery feature and is equipped with rubber pads for comfort and maintenance. Another special feature is the removable floating string that is made of 2 mm polypropylene rope.

Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Tail’


Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Tail’

Tired of plastic, crappy, get loose easily, boring and un-secure noseclips? Thanks to modern technology, the new and first Molchanovs Noseclip ‘Tail’ was launched. It is durable, made of the alloy of aluminium, magnesium, and copper, colourful, trendy and super cute with a name ‘heart’. You can never underestimate the size; it will let you enjoy and be worry-free during deep diving.

The 2b Free Freediving Buoy


The 2b Free Freediving Buoy

2b Free has done it again! They are revolutionising freediving! Vice World Champion Alexander Bubenchikov has redesigned the freediving buoy. After the immensely popular 2b Free Freediving Lanyard where they crushed the competition and released the lightest freediving lanyard ever produced they now come out with an incredible freediving buoy. Let us introduce you the 2b Free Freediving buoy.

Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Smile’


Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Smile’

You need to have a reliable noseclip to equalise. Ever imagined to dive deep, with one breath, without worrying at all about your noseclip falling or getting loose? We all look forward to this someday. Thanks to technology and initiative of Molchanovs, we now have the Molchanovs Aluminium Noseclip ‘Smile’. The brand new noseclip is durable, comfortable, secure and has better value for money than any other noseclip on the market.

Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag


Monofin Travel Bag

You want to travel with your monofin and diving gear safely? The Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag is what you need! This bag is essential for hassle-free travelling. Primarily designed to fit in and protect your monofin, diving gears and accessories. The outer material is water and abrasion resistant. For additional protection, plastic inserts are being used to harden the bag. With this monofin travel bag, you can now carry all your freediving essentials with style and ease. It has a 23-kilogram recommended maximum capacity. Now available in 4 vibrant colours!

Monofin Protection Plate


Monofin Protection Plate (Polycarbonate)

The monofin protection plate will allow you to transport your monofin without the chance of damaging and will take your travel worries away. This polycarbonate protective cage successfully passed the drop test fully loaded from a height of two meters.

Molchanovs Freediving Lanyard


Molchanovs Freediving Lanyards

The Molchanovs Freediving Lanyards are competition grade lanyards, developed by the Freediving World Champion and multiple World Record Holder Alexey Molchanov. They’re high-quality safety gear recognised by AIDA International and approved to be used for top world competitions. All metal parts of the Molchanovs Freediving Lanyard are made of quality marine stainless steel. In addition, its premium Italian-made carabiner is easy to use and would glide along smoothly even on a very thick rope. The lanyard cuff can be easily detached especially for emergencies. It comes in 6 different colours, and has an overall length of 115 cm and weighs 250 grams.

Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1


Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 (2018)

The Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 are newly added products to Molchanovs diving gear collection. Alexey Molchanov himself helped design the F1 bifin, and as you would expect from Molchanovs, these fibreglass bifins are one of the best fibreglass bifins on the market. Be it recreational or competitive, the Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 won’t fail you. Its ultra-high compression fibreglass blades are made from UHC fibre, known as high-performance fibreglass that makes the F1 softer, stronger, and more durable. If you want to experience smooth and top-level freediving at a very reasonable cost, you should get yourself a pair of the Molchanovs Fiberglass Bifins F1 NOW!

The bifins are available in small sizes too!

The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool


The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool

The EQ-Tool is THE Equalisation Tool for your equalisation problems!

The Eq-Tool is a digital device developed to improve your equalisation skills. By inflating air in your Eq-tool pressure in your upper airway increases, the Eustachian tube opens and the eardrum vibrates. Air pressure is measured by a wireless sensor connected to a mobile device while the data acquired can be analysed and recorded using a dedicated app.

The Eq-Tool is a very helpful device for all those who practise diving. Training and optimising your equalisation techniques such as advanced or sequential Frenzel and the Mouthfill, as well as improving the air-flow to the upper airway with the reverse packing or the abdominal contractions will be possible with your Eq-Tool.

Ready for delivery May 2017

Safe Sea Sun and Jellyfish Protection


Safe Sea Sun and Jellyfish Protection

Jellyfish are beautiful sea creatures but when they sting, symptoms can range from mild irritation to extreme pain and rash. Safe Sea is unlike any other sun lotion. Safe Sea is the only protective lotion in the world which is able to block those nasty jellyfish stings. Safe Sea’s jellyfish and sea lice protection is unprecedented.

Safe Sea has a SPF 95 sunscreen block and has a higher UV protection than any other products available. It is a water resistant sunblock which can last up to 80 minutes of aquatic or perspiring activities.

The Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection and sun lotion is biodegradable and non-toxic for the marine environment. Safe Sea does not actually harm the jellyfish you may encounter…it keeps the jellyfish from stinging you.

We have the 100ml tube which is sold separately or per box of 11 pieces.


Please note: our shipper stopped shipping liquids because of frequent delivery problems with customs. Safe Sea is now only available in Panglao, Philippines.