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Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2


Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2

The Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2 is undoubtedly the best choice for elite freediving competitors! It has a more extensive and stronger blade-base, and a softened edge for an almost effortless powerful kick— definitely designed for the big win! This Molchanovs fibreglass sports monofin resonates excellence. The lighter, thinner, and more responsive blade is made of ultra-high compression fibreglass. The customised foot pockets are amazingly comfortable, optionally made with arch support and soft rubber linings. This monofin can easily and safely take you any depth you want! Another best value for money from Molchanovs!

Saline Salt for Sinus Rinsing (30x 2.7gr.)


Saline Salt for Sinus Rinsing

This medical grade saline salt powder from Sinuspulse is specifically measured for the 300ml sinus and nasal rinsing bottle. Each sachet is 2.7 gram, and you can simply use a single sachet to refill your nasal rinsing solution. High quality, light, and convenient!

Each box contains 30 sachets specifically for the 300ml bottles.

The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool


The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool

The EQ-Tool is THE Equalisation Tool for your equalisation problems!

The Eq-Tool is a digital device developed to improve your equalisation skills. By inflating air in your Eq-tool pressure in your upper airway increases, the Eustachian tube opens and the eardrum vibrates. Air pressure is measured by a wireless sensor connected to a mobile device while the data acquired can be analysed and recorded using a dedicated app.

The Eq-Tool is a very helpful device for all those who practise diving. Training and optimising your equalisation techniques such as advanced or sequential Frenzel and the Mouthfill, as well as improving the air-flow to the upper airway with the reverse packing or the abdominal contractions will be possible with your Eq-Tool.

Ready for delivery May 2017

Mares Noseclip


Mares Noseclips

The Mares Apnea Nose Clip is an ergonomic noseclip for hands-free equalisation that can be worn for longer periods thanks to it’s soft grips and custom hold. The clip is ambidextrous and perfect for all environments.

Molchanovs Fiberglass Monofin F1


Molchanovs Fiberglass Monofin F1

The Molchanovs Monofin F1 is one of the best competitive freediving monofins in the world. It is undoubtedly the best choice if you’re looking for quality and affordability! This fibreglass monofin is designed and tested by the “deepest man” in freediving, the multiple World Record holder, and freediving World Champion Alexey Molchanov. The Molchanovs Monofin F1 guarantees comfort as its fibreglass blade is hand-layered, with Immersion or Pathos foot pockets, and assembled only by the finest craftsmen in the industry to ensure maximum comfort.No other brand offers the same craftsmanship and quality within this price range – a perfect example of a smart buy!

Octopus Equalisation Tool


Octopus Freediving Equalisation Tool

This new Octopus Equalisation Tool is made of high-quality aluminium to last forever! It is the perfect tool to practise all famous exercises to improve your Frenzel and Mouthfill equalisation. It is guaranteed to fit an average adult’s nose.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (OLED Display)


OLED Display Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Modernize your freediving training with this tiny and easy-to-use fingertip pulse oximeter with OLED display!

One of the most important things to do during dry-training is to monitor your level of oxygen saturation. The oximeter uses the latest in infrared technology to monitor the SpO2 levels. This portable device measures your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation quickly and accurately!

Benefits in using oximeter during a dry breath-hold:

√ Predict your maximum possible breath-hold length, without actually holding your breath for very long

√ Measure your breath-holding capacity with only a short breath-hold test

As you progress, after the same length of breath-hold, you will reach higher and higher oxygen saturation!

Fibreglass Training Monofin


Molchanovs Training Monofin

The Molchanov fibreglass training monofin is designed explicitly for freedive training. These fins are handmade with a fibreglass plate and high-quality rubber foot pockets to give you maximum comfort during your training.

Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C1


Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C1 (2018)

If you are a freediving enthusiast that needs only the best fins in the world, the newly upgraded Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C1 2018 are made just for you! These highly innovative Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C1, produced by Proteus, have blades that are carefully hand-made from 100% carbon fibres using the advanced vacuum infusion technology – a procedure that creates exceptionally flexible but powerful blades. These carbon bifins are proven-and-tested by the five-time World Record holder, a multiple World Freediving Champion, Alexey Molchanov himself. Alexey got a World Record for the deepest freedive ever made with the depth of -105 meters using these powerful bifins. Grab one of the best bifins available in the market now for an exceptional and smooth freediving adventure!

The bifins are now available in small sizes too!

Heavy Duty WaterWay Monofin Bag


Heavy Duty Monobag

WaterWay’s monobag just received an upgrade by going heavy duty! This new bag from WaterWay can store and carry up to 23 kg. What’s more, it also has the side strap and two back straps like your much-loved monobag, but created with added comfort and durability. Go heavy duty and your trips will be breezy!

Aqualung Sphera Freediving Mask


Aqualung Sphera Freediving Mask

Dubbed as one of the best freediving masks in the market, Aqualung Sphera grabs your attention at first glance with its snug fit and sleek design. Aqualung boasts of the mask’s twin Plexisol® lenses separated by a narrow bridge that provide 180-degree visibility – a vista that no other freediving mask can offer. Its soft silicone skirt, slim strap, and minimalist buckles make the mask comfortable and easy to adjust. It also lessens underwater drag and has a low internal volume – a huge plus for freedivers. With all these factors, it can be argued that Sphera is THE BEST freediving mask – one that can definitely maximize your underwater experience.

Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar


Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar

FREEDIVE+ introduces to you the new Double K top-of-the-line Freediving Mask that will take the top of a fantastic ‘lining’ to Double K’s suits.

Jaguar masks are designed to compensate for the loss of the lens due to increased pressure as the depth of the dive deepens. The design is basic but the chicest “all black” and transparent “aqua” in two types, according to the design, was released in five types.