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Apneautic Neck Weight


Apneautic Neck Weight

The new Apneautic Neck Weight developed a sophisticated neck weight for easy adjustment of a load in just a matter of seconds. It is very convenient to attach and detach when necessary. As an additional feature, segments can be disconnected to customize all sizes.

It is a new and unique sophistic weight system. This new system is noted for an easy manipulation adjustment and correction of significant weight, right in the pool, in a few seconds. Not only for active freedivers but instructors and schools of freediving too, during lessons, wherein few seconds instructor can adjust the optimal weight for his students and make it possible for them to progress rapidly during lessons. That means of course better feeling and joy of freediving.

Standard package include 1 belt and 1 weight.

Scubapro Steelcom Freediving Mask


Scubapro Steelcom Mask

The ultimate freediving mask, the dual lens Scubapro Steelcom is particularly well-suited to deep diving. It has the lowest possible internal volume so equalising is easy. Plus, on descents, the mask itself compresses, so equalisation is not required as often. Top-quality plus ‘Flat, Ultra Clear,’ scratch-resistant glass guarantees a distortion-free view of the underwater world.

Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar


Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar

FREEDIVE+ introduces to you the new Double K top-of-the-line Freediving Mask that will take the top of a fantastic ‘lining’ to Double K’s suits.

Jaguar masks are designed to compensate for the loss of the lens due to increased pressure as the depth of the dive deepens. The design is basic but the chicest “all black” and transparent “aqua” in two types, according to the design, was released in five types.

Waterway Monofin Bag


Waterway Monobag

There is no better storage case or travel bag for your monofin than WaterWay’s very own monobag. The monobag comes with a side strap and a back strap for the best use and comfort. Whether you are flying via plane or on a boat to your dive site, it is ideal to have the monobag. So get your very own monobag now and carry your fin with you wherever you go!

Double K Freediving Lanyard


Double K Freediving Lanyards

Double K freediving lanyards are made by freedivers for freedivers. They are reliable and ideal for training and for diving to great depths. Double K lanyards are made of durable high quality materials for diver’s safety and convenience.

Carbon Bifin Inserts


Carbon Bifin Inserts

These carbon inserts make the bifins stiffer from beginning to end resulting in much more propulsion and efficiency.

Nasal Wash Package (Bottle and Salt)


Nasal Wash Package (Bottle and Salt)

Waterpulse made it incredibly easy for you to irrigate your nasal and sinus cavities! Sinus rinsing is widely considered one of the best and most budget-friendly ways to stay healthy. Waterpulse created these environmental-friendly plastic bottles with a bent nozzle, for ease of use. This handy and convenient nasal irrigation bottle is all you will ever need to make do!

The FREEDIVE+ Nasal Wash Package comes with the Waterpulse plastic sinus rinsing bottle with a bent nozzle, together with a box of 30 rinsing salt sachets packed in 2.7g foil packs for convenience and easy use.

Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1


Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 (2018)

The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 are ultimately the best bifins Molchanovs has ever made – that anyone has ever made! CS1 is the combination of their new sports custom-made foot pockets with the proven and tested 100% carbon fibre Molchanovs C1 Blades. The new custom sports foot pockets have an open heel design minus the heavy foot pocket rails resulting in lighter bifins that are designed to allow large and easy movements while maintaining the power. The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins CS1 are created based on the standards and requirements of World Freediving Champion Alexey Molchanov. These top-level bifins are a guarantee for comfort and power at the highest level and are a diver’s fantasy come true!


WaterWay Long Fins Bag

$40.00 $35.00

WaterWay Long Fins Bag

It goes without saying that the WaterWay long fins bag is great for storing your fins. At 105 cm long, this durable bag can fit up to 2 pairs of long fins. The bag’s wide shoulder strap and 2 hand straps make it flexible and convenient. Make sure you protect your fins by storing them in the WaterWay Long Fins Bag!

Rubber Freediving Weight Belt


Rubber Freediving Weight Belt

This is a nice, strong and durable rubber weight belt that doesn’t break the bank. With an overall length of 137cm this freediving weight belt is the perfect belt for those among us who demand a weight belt made of high quality rubber and stainless steel materials for a nice price.


Elios Freediving Wetsuit


Elios Sub Freediving Wetsuit

Ordering an Elios Sub High Performance Smoothskin freediving wetsuit was never this easy. Adventure Freediving is proud to announce that we’re now official dealer/distributor of the best freediving suits on the market. And to make it easy for our customers we’ve selected the best available wetsuit. The Elios Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano Smoothskin/Superskin is the go-to choice for every freediving enthusiast, athlete and instructor.

Molchanovs Freediving Buoy 70cm

Molchanovs Freediving Buoy


Molchanovs Freediving Buoy (2018)

For those who only want the best, be sure to grab the new model Molchanovs Freediving Buoy! Developed and designed by a team of freediving experts, the Molchanovs Freediving Buoy is a heavy-duty gear that is absolutely the best in the market. Made of sturdy, water-repelling PVC components that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. Try this buoy one time, and it will be enough for you to make this freediving accessory your favourite.