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Carbon Counter Ballast System


Carbon Counter Ballast System

This state of the art counter ballast is designed and developed by Apneautic, and as we know from Apneautic, they again over-deliver with high-quality freediving products. This counter ballast system is made of a high-quality carbon frame with breaks and wheels used in the yachting industry.

Oceaner Competition Wetsuit


Oceaner Molchanovs Competition Wetsuit

The Oceaner Molchanovs Competition Wetsuit is one of our best selling products. It has a biothermic feature which helps to increase positive thermal qualities that provide a warmer and more comfortable performance experience. Another great feature is the Raglan sleeve, that is contoured to provide a more comfortable fit. For the hip area it has a jacket bottom/beaver tail, a 3 layer composite biothermic in which 2 laminated layers are nylon sandwiched for better strength and wear qualities. Around the face, wrists, and ankles the suit is sealed with an extra layer for added protection against water flow.