Geoffrey Attard

Perfect place for freediving

This place is perfect to learn freedive from a beginner level to professional level.

It’s also perfect for already qualified freedivers who wants to train. 100m+ available close from the shore, don’t even need a boat and the conditions are always pretty good. The reef is also pretty nice and I’ve been lucky enough to see whale sharks, pilot whales, dolphins, and even a blue whale since I’m there.

And in bonus, a very friendly team and nice people are living there.

I’ve already spent more than 6 months there and I’m still not planning to leave.

Teagan Kane

SSI Freediving level 1&2

I took the level 1 SSI freediving course to see what it was all about and ended up loving freediving. Patrick was very professional taught a great course, I liked it some much I took level two. Patrick was patient and taught me not just the course material but other ways to be a better freediver. Vincent and Sura the managers were very accommodating and helpful. I would really recommend it for any level.

Assaf Reshef

Did my SSI level 1 with FREEDIVE+ and had a blast. They made the course super easy and fun and had the patience to answer all my questions. Thanks alot everyone, I hope to see you again soon!


A nice freediving experience

I went in Freedive Academy for living new experiences and learning techniques to progress.

This diving center is really comfortable and it is also easy to speak, think and share ideas about freediving.

This was a really nice experience and I suggest to all people to come here.

This picture was a fun dive made with my teacher Nejc. (*image is missing)

Cyrus Dastoor

Safety, Highly Qualified Staff, and Location, Location, Location.

Can’t recommend this place any more.

They have the single best location for FreeDiving in Bohol (and perhaps Asia).

Highly professional and courteous staff, easily contactable and always willing to help…

Great for ALL levels of FreeDiving – 10meters to 100+

Cara Pang

I came here for a freediving course. Everything was perfect especially the location which provides easy access and safe entry point to the open sea. The amazing underwater world was just seconds from the shore. The staff and management of FREEDIVE+ are friendly, extremely helpful and flexible. Strongly recommended.

Jemmo Pacoma

One of the best if not the best place to freedive

I did my SSI level one with them back in June 2017 and my level 3 last July, and it feels like coming back home. The center has a very contagious positive atmosphere that you Do not want to miss. Everyone is so great from the instructor to the ground crew. In freedive+ you’ll meet freedivers of all level and everyone is so supportive of each other. The center has the facilities you’ll need for your Freediving training. The best part of it is that the center is only a few meters away from your depth goal.

Will definitely come back.

Scott Lambert

Freediving in paradise

If I could give Freedive+ more than 5 stars then I would. This place is magical. It offers freediving students the perfect blend of high calibre instructors, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and an absolutely unforgettable diving location. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a deep diver, this place has something for everyone, and the dive spot is a mere 2 minute swim from the resort. In other words, no boat required!

I was lucky enough to complete my SSI freediving level 1 and 2 under my instructor, Kim, whose knowledge, experience, patience, and encouragement I am truly grateful for. I could not have asked for a better introduction to the depth (and breadth) of freediving and am already planning my next course at Freedive+ 🙂

Jupp Alexander

Perfect place to train.

At the beginning of May, I completed my SSI Level 2 freedive at FREEDIVE+ in Panglao with Patrick as my instructor. The location is perfect with a drop right on the doorstep going down to 25m and very quickly to depths for those much more capable than me! The school is relaxed and professional with lots of space Patrick is a very patient instructor with a huge wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for the sport. When I was struggling with certain aspects, especially my relaxation, it was very useful for him telling me his approach, how he overcame certain problems and discussing different techniques. He has high attention to detail and helps improve even the smallest flaw in technique. Helped me a lot with my body position in freefall and finning technique among many other things. I came out of the course a much better and safer freediver. It was a pleasure being coached learning at FREEDIVE+ and I will definitely come back again. Bring on level 3! See you in the deep blue 🙂

AJ Ignacio

Best trainers, best location. Too bad there were whale sharks, dolphins and pilot whales when we were training on my birthday. 🙂 Sea you guys soon! 🙂

You travelled to Panglao, dove with us, and you love us – awesome, we love you too! 🙂 And now you want to share your experience with others. Thank you!

But serious now, we sincerely appreciate the love!

Thank you!

We hope to see you back here soon!

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