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That freediving in the Philippines, especially in Panglao, is popular is no secret. That Panglao is quickly becoming the next freediving capital of Asia – perhaps the world – is less known, but happening right now, and that is for a reason. Check out the video below to see what it´s like to take a Freediving Course in the Philippines in one of the best Freediving locations of the world!

This Freediving Course is a Full Day Fun Filled Water Experience.

You’ve heard about this ‘thing’ called freediving or breath-hold diving, but yeah, you tried holding your breath before and after about 30 seconds you thought you were going to die? 🙂

But if you only knew what really happens with the body during a breath hold. If you knew how to breathe properly, and how to prepare for a deep dive or long breath hold, how to recover quickly and how to quickly get ready for your next dive – then you’ll be enjoying the big blue just as much as us! And it’s so easy!

Your teachers are highly qualified instructors. Most of us have competition experience and are able to easily dive to depths deeper than -50 meters on a single breath, and have breath holds of around 6 minutes. Join us for a day and discover the magical (underwater) world of freediving!


What you will learn this day;

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    We’ll teach you how to hold your breath longer.
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    We’ll teach you proper breathing techniques.
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    We’ll teach you the essentials of diving deeper.
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    We’ll teach you proper finning techniques.
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    We’ll do several fun and interesting demostrations of what happens with the body at depth.
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    And most important; we’ll teach you the key safety techniques for safe diving.

I can hear you think; that’s a lot of stuff for one day – it is!


So, are you ready for some serious in-water action?

This is the day schedule;

8:30 – 9:00:

Instructor and course introduction.

9:00 – 11:00:

Classroom session: Breathing techniques – and guided max breath hold attempts.

11:00 – 13:00:

Pool session: Here we’ll practise rescue and finning/swimming techniques.

13:00 – 14:00:

Group lunch at the resort – included in the course fee.

14:00 – 15:30:

Classroom session: What does the pressure of depth do with the human body when we dive.

15:30 – 17:00:

Openwater snorkling/freediving session: The highlight of the day! A fun open-water snorkling/freediving session at one of the most beautiful dive spots around the island – the stunning coral cliff right in front of our centre.

The course participants get the option to freedive the beautiful reef, or for those more ambitious, they can train on the line as freedivers usually train for depth.

The reef and line session will be under (safety) guidance of our instructors, instructor trainees and interns. The max depth for this open-water session will be -5 meters.


Sharing experiences and ending of the day.

At the end of the day you’ll Immediately Receive your Digital Certification Card.


You are now Officially a Freediver!

P.S. The card comes with FREE bragging rights for being a freediver! 😉

The cost for the whole day will be the Special Introductory Rate of 6000php per person!

You will get for this;

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    Study material via the mobile app or website – the more you study at home before the course – the more time we have for the good stuff – the in-water activities!
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    Both the theory and pool session – the fun dive at the end is not part of the course, but an extra – you need to enjoy the blue!
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    The rent of the wetsuit, mask, snorkel, weights and long fins.
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    Taxes and the fees for use of the facility.
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    And of course you’ll be certified at the end of the day.


Do you want to Become a Freediver and Get a Taste of the ‘Freediving Lifestyle’, Sign up Below!

Please note; we have courses starting pretty much everyday, but classes are limited to 4 or 8 participants depending on the available instructor – first come, first serve.

We require full payment up-front either via BPI, Credit Card, Paypal or in cash at our centre which has our preference since we can immediately complete all the paperwork.

Fill in your name and email, and possibly phone number (whatsapp), and we’ll almost immediately call or email you with our availability and how we’re going to proceed. Often we arrange a tricycle pick up at your resort, so you can visit our centre – and the best freediving location of Asia!


Find out why Freediving is the Next Big Thing!

Come and enjoy the blue!

If you want to have a quick reply please use Phone, Text or Whatsappp: +63 956 269 8410, or use email or the short form at the bottom of this page. Usually you’ll hear back from us within the hour.


We also run Level 1 Freediving Courses multiple times a week where we take students to max. 20 meter depth in 2,5 days. If you are interested in really get active in freediving please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Explore Breath hold Diving and Surprise Yourself!

It’s incredible what the human body is capable off. It’s pretty common that people come here, and in the first classroom session we get them to hold their breath for 3 or 3:30 minutes. We have people with the Level 1 courses diving down to 15 or sometimes even 20 meters in the first session! Join us for any of the recreational levels, and for sure you’ll be surprised with your own capabilities!

Just fill in the form, and our support team who are all freedivers too, will get back to you usually within hours – if they’re not diving 😉

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